Tuscan Minerals

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Pyrite from Niccioleta.

The mines of Tuscany gave birth to numerous samples of remarkable beauty thanks to its sulphide mineralizations.

The Map indicates the location of the most famous mines for its Pyrite crystals, but not only. Not far away are many other mines.

Below I propose a series of specimens of extraordinary importance for beauty, size, mineralogical association and rarity that are part of an extraordinary collection.

Antimonite with Pyrite (Niccioleta).

Antimonite with Quartz (Niccioleta).

Gypsum (Niccioleta).

Gypsum with Pyrite (Niccioleta).

Gypsum with Quartz (Niccioleta).

Gypsum with Quartz (Niccioleta).

Sulfur with 1cm size crystals (Niccioleta).

Quartz (Niccioleta).

Quartz (Campiano).

Pyrite (Niccioleta).

Pyrite (Niccioleta).

Celestine with 1cm size crystals (Niccioleta).

Fluorite (Campiano).

Aragostronzianite (Boccheggiano).

Aragostronzianite (Boccheggiano).

Pyrite (Gavorrano).