The Chinese Fluorites

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Pink Fluorite - Huanggang mine, Inner Mongolia, China.

Pink fluorite in octahedral crystals that come from the province of Huanggang Mine, Inner Mongolia, China (there are single or aggregate crystals of two or three octahedrons).

The find happened in 2019 for the first time and it produced crystals of considerable size up to 20 cm (single crystals, aggregates of 2 or 3 crystals sometimes in association with prasio quartz).

These crystals are very rare and their price can even exceed 100,000 euros.

The beauty of the crystals is exceptional and they have nothing to envy to the Alpine pink fluorites, which are also certainly beautiful and highly sought after.

The pieces that you find photographed in this article have been carefully selected and you can find them in our catalog.

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Fluorite blue/purple - Quanzhou, Fujian, China

Exceptional specimens of blue / purple fluorite in cuboctahedral crystals with sizes up to 5 - 6 cm from the Fujian region of China.

This is an exceptional find, as the specimens are very beautiful in terms of color intensity and crystal quality.

The samples you find on the site have dimensions up to 15/20 cm in total with centimetric crystals of intense color and good transparency.

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Cubottahedral crystal light blue / green fluorite from the Shang Bao mine, Heng Yang, Hunan, China.

Fluorite samples from the Shang Bao mine are among the most sought after by all collectors for beauty and rarity and for this reason they are also very expensive.

Cubottahedral fluorite crystals are found in mineralogical association with quartz and calcite of white - yellow color (the latter fluorescent in red if subjected to UV long waves).

The Shang Bao mine in recent years has produced exceptional samples with large crystals of even more than 10cm that can be admired in the most important museums and private collections.

Unfortunately, mining has ceased recently and it is no longer possible to extract the samples and for this reason the price has gone up. Those found on the market have been found in past years and can only be found in the stores of Chinese traders or at fairs (if you are lucky!)

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