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Azurite – Anhui Province, China

The Chinese mineral collecting market has grown a lot in recent years and many of them have become the sellers who appear in American and European fairs. But if we are in China, where would it be better to go for samples? Fluorite, Calcite, Azurite, Antimonite, Cinnabar, Beryl, Scheelite, Pyromorphite, etc., etc., etc. As you know, China is very large and the internal areas do not allow easy movement. In recent years the two main centers are Changsha (Hunan Province) and Guilin (Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region).

Changsha was the first to develop by creating small areas of the city called "Mineral Market" and it is here that Asia's first mineral fair was established.

In recent years, however, most dealers have moved to the Guilin area with better facilities to accommodate buyers. Be careful, do not think that it is necessarily a bargain to go to buy in China, as the prices have risen a lot (if you go there, they know you are there to buy !!!) and there are also many fakes. So the samples must be looked at very well and the price must always be negotiated! Another problem is related to how to get the samples out of China, because they could remain stopped for customs checks even for months if small inaccuracies are found in the documentation, so I always recommend to rely on already tested importers.

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